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Glenda Finnegan

I miss you! You are doing a great blog!


what an honor to be featured on your blog! let me add one friendship is...

...waking up each morning with a giant smile, hug, kiss from Beautiful Mariana, and "Good Morning"! ! ! !

i thank God for our friendship! what a pleasure was it to have your chocolate chips in Chicago! !

Peace, Love, and Friendship,


Mariana LJZ

Dear Clara Bella, thank you sooo much!

I know what else can we add...friendship is a roadtrip with amazing Clara Bella! to the tune of Great John Paul and some music from the heart!!!

Love you!!!


Mariana LJZ

Dear Glenda, I miss you too! Thank you for reading it!

Much love and blessings, would love to hear from you too!



Miss Mariana!! What a blessing to have met u and Clara!!!
I miss u guys so much!!!
What a beautiful gift u have in
Writing!! Thx for sharing this with me!!
You will always have a friend in Wichita !!
Love you!! Hugs!! Ur sister I Christ

Mariana LJZ

Dear Kimmy,

Thanks for dropping by, but mostly thank you so much for sharing your beautiful being!

We rock as friends with Clara...uhu!

Much love, and blessings on your path!


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